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ELCE2014 U-Boot Mini Summit

Date and Location

Monday, October 13th 2014, Düsseldorf.

The U-Boot mini summit will be part of the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, so a registration for that event is required to join. See the main ELCE pages for more info.


Currently planned topics - times to be defined.

Time Speaker Summary
30 mins Custodians Round of introduction
30 mins Masahiro Yamada Kconfig discussion
30 mins Simon Glass Driver model discussion
30 mins Przemyslaw Marczak PMIC/POWER framework
30 mins Lukasz Majewski U-Boot for Tizen
30 mins Hans de Goede U-Boot on Sunxi
?? - ?? Everybody Open Discussion

Open Discussion

Topics of interest can be added here in the wiki directly

Interested participants (sorted alphabetically)

Please add yourself to this list if you intend to come so we get an idea of the audience: