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Web Interface to the U-Boot Patch Tracking System

Unassigned Patches


Category unassigned-patches

Cross-Linking of Relates Messages and Patch Series

If you submit a series of patches to the Tracking System, each message gets stored as a separate PR. To make things even more complicated, there is no guarantee at all that the patches arrive in the same order as they were sent, so the PR numbers may show a completely different order - you can see this in the example in section Unassigned Patches above.

However, if you view such a PR, you will see that the "In-Reply-To:" and "Message-Id:" entries are actually links.

For example, if you view PR # 18 and click on the In-Reply-To: link, you may get a page like this:

PRs related to mail <>

Original Message

Direct Replys

Other related Mails

As you can see, links to the Gmane mailing list archive are also provided.