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GCC Bugs and Issues

Bug ID
Subject up Status Comments
44606 Wrong SPE floating point during computation Fixed PPC SPE only
43137 redundant register move for sign extending Fixed ARM only
45094 [arm] wrong instructions for dword move in some cases Fixed ARM only
45886 [ARM] support for __ARM_PCS_VFP predefined symbol in gcc 4.5.x would be very nice Fixed ARM only
45052 [4.5 Regression] volatile ignored Fixed Use proper I/O accessors with memory barriers!
See ARM: Avoid compiler optimization for readb, writeb and friends.
[4.5 Regression] linking results in undefined references to _savegpr_* _restgpr_*_x Patch available, but doesn't work Prevents use of optspace for PowerPC
44392 [4.5 Regression] libgcc compile with --enable-target-optspace (-Os) causes recursion in __bswapsi2 Fixed ARM only
44290 [4.5 regression] __naked attribute is broken Linux Workaround
ARM only
(Linux only)

Note: The status entry "fixed" in the table above means that there are patches available that are supposed to fix the problem; it does not mean that these patches have actually been integrated into any of the currently available GCC releases or tool chains yet.