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U-Boot Coding Style

The following Coding Style requirements shall be mandatory for all code contributed to the U-Boot project.

Exceptions are only allowed if code from other projects is integrated with no or only minimal changes.

The following rules apply:

Submissions of new code or patches that do not conform to these requirements shall be rejected with a request to reformat the changes.

U-Boot Code Documentation

U-Boot adopted the kernel-doc annotation style, this is the only exception from multi-line comment rule of Coding Style. While not mandatory, adding documentation is strongly advised. The Linux kernel kernel-doc document applies with no changes.

Use structures for I/O access

U-Boot typically uses a C structure to map out the registers in an I/O region, rather than offsets. The reasons for this are:

This may need to change to the kernel model if we allow for more run-time detection of what drivers are appropriate for what we're running on.

Include file order

You should follow this ordering in U-Boot:


Within that order, sort your includes.