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Agenda for Training course The Yocto Project - An Overview


This three day training combines theory with hands-on exercises in order to introduce the Yocto Project (YP). It answers frequently asked questions like: ... and much more

Hands-on sessions are performed on target hardware. After the training the students will be able to download a docker image with Ubuntu 18.x and all dependencies pre-installed plus the examples in order to work with the course material in their own labs. Please note that this is not an introductory course to Embedded GNU/Linux like the one we offer here. You should already know how Embedded GNU/Linux works and maybe you even configured/built the Linux kernel for some of your projects.

Who should attend?

You already use GNU/Linux for your projects and have probably heard about the Yocto Project, but did not dare to have a closer look into it, or had difficulties using it. You donít know whether and how your daily workflow can be accommodated in the YP and generally find the YP rather complicated. Why do we need all this since up to know everything was (supposedly) much easier? After the training you should be able to decide whether you need the YP or not. The workshop is aimed at software engineers who are involved with system design, development, integration or quality insurance and anybody else interested in OpenEmbedded or the Yocto Project. You should have a solid knowledge of Embedded GNU/Linux.


All the training material is English, but the presentation of it can be in English or in German, as you wish.

The work- and reference books typically stay with the students after the training.

Course Outline

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3: