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DENX's Training2 web The Training2 web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2015 by DENX Software Engineering DENX Webmaster [] DENX Webmaster [] DENX TWiki.Training2 WebStatistics Statistics for Training2 Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Mar 2015 11393 ... (last changed by guest) 2015-03-30T05:16Z guest 1.1749 updated major WebHome Training Courses offered by DENX Software Engineering: Please see below for customized courses. #CourseEglisa Course 1: Embedded GNU/Linux System Architecture (EGLiSA ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2014-01-16T13:53Z DetlevZundel 1.30 updated major HistoryOfUnix1 SECTION0{name HistoryOfUnix1} History of Unix: Unix is born (Unix vs. UNIX vs. Linux) Unix is a Third System Grandfather CTSS (Compatible Time Sharing System) Father ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2013-04-16T07:35Z DetlevZundel 1.5 updated major LddKernelMakefiles SECTION0{name LddKernelMakefils} Linux kernel makefiles Two ways to build modules: statically linked in vs dynamically loadable Extensive documentation: Documentation ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2011-07-22T08:14Z WolfgangDenk 1.3 updated major LddFirstModule SECTION0{name LddFirstModule} A first hello world module Code: / A first simple hello world kernel module / #include #include static int hello init(void) { printk ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2011-07-22T08:13Z WolfgangDenk 1.5 updated major GitIntroduction SECTION0{name GitIntroduction} An Introduction to git git basics good introductions: Linus Torvalds on git Randall Schwartz on git life before git (tarballs+patches ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2011-07-22T08:12Z WolfgangDenk 1.10 updated major EGLiSA Agenda for Training course Embedded GNU/Linux Systems Architecture This 5-day training class uses hands-on exercises combined with instruction to illustrate the concepts ... (last changed by RobertBerger) 2011-03-14T08:37Z RobertBerger 1.2 updated major LddAgenda Agenda for Training course Embedded GNU/Linux Device Drivers This 5-day training class uses hands-on exercises combined with instruction to illustrate the concepts ... (last changed by RobertBerger) 2011-03-14T08:13Z RobertBerger 1.7 updated major EglisaAgenda Agenda for Training course Embedded GNU/Linux Systems Architecture If you intend to bring a laptop to the training (which is possible) it should have a GNU/Linux ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2009-06-23T16:32Z DetlevZundel 1.2 updated major UBootDownloadDetails SECTION0{UBootDownloadDetails} Downloading U-Boot to flash where does board start after reset (reset vector)? 440EPx info Core number : 0 Core state : debug mode ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2009-05-29T08:21Z WolfgangDenk 1.3 updated major LddKernelHistory SECTION0{name LddKernelHistory} History of Linux 21 year old Linus Torvalds starts "educational" project in 1991 Tanenbaum's Minix served as a Model, but no code ... (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2008-12-01T14:43Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.4 updated major LddPortingLinux SECTION0{name LddPortingLinux} Porting of Linux What are your porting: new CPU? new subarchitecture? new board? with arch powerpc (ideally) only new dts file drivers ... (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2008-11-29T10:00Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.1 updated major WebOrder GenericOverview GeneralIntroduction Company Profile People Projects LinuxIntroduction HistoryOfUnix2 FreeSoftwareHistory HistoryOfUnix4 EliBackground UnixStandards ... (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2008-11-29T09:54Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.58 updated major LddDriverAlternatives SECTION0{name LddDriverAlternatives} Alternatives to (kernel) drivers memory mapping /dev/mem UIO Fuse CUSE (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2008-11-27T13:16Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.2 updated major LddAccessingDevices SECTION0{name LddAcessingDevices} Accessing devices we must take care not to conflict with other drivers Linux kernel only sees virtual addresses we cannot simply ... (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2008-11-27T11:58Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.2 updated major EliBackground SECTION0{name EliBackground} Background Information CONTENTS{topic EliBackground} (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2008-11-01T15:15Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.1 updated major