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Agenda for Workshop tbot


Developing / porting of U-Boot, Linux, and/or Yocto for a new hardware, or even updating an existing port to a newer version, can be a hard job. Testing if a new version still works at least as well as the previous one is even harder. And usually this is uninteresting, boring work.

This workshop shows how to install and use the tbot test tool for automatic build and runtime tests. The demonstrations use the well-known BeagleBoneBlack (BBB) board as target system.

Originating from a system that focussed on the tasks that developers have to perform routinely, like boring maintenance work in U-Boot and Linux, tbot has grown into an universal test tool that not only catches bugs, but also allows to automatize such boring routine tasks. If you find yourself doing similar things again and again, this workshop might show you how you can safe a lot of time and still improve the overall quality of your work.

Who should attend

Software developers interested in running all kinds of automatic procedures and tests, including complex ones where other CI tools give up (like automatic patch download, automated git bisecting etc.).

Course Outline