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Agenda for Workshop SWUpdate


The one-day Workshop will introduce you in the risky world of updating a unattended system.

Upgrading an embedded system is complex. In fact, updating an unattended device is very different from updating a standard PC. Security, power cut, resource constraints and many other aspects must be taken into account for both local and over-the-air (OTA) updates. The Workshop will explain these themes and how to design and implement an update system that is reliable and guarantees not to brick the device in field. The Workshop will focus on SWUpdate - a framework that can be customized to the project's needs - and how to integrate the updater into the Yocto project.

Who should attend ?

System Architects, Software developers, managers who are planning an update system for their embedded product. They do no not need a deep knowledge into programming, but a basic know how in Linux / Yocto is an advantage.

All the training material is in English, but the presentation of it can be in English or in German, as you wish.

Workshop Outline