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5.7.7. Kernel library functions

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API: linked lists


struct list_head {
       struct list_head *next, *prev;

Initalize head pointer:

struct list_head mempool;
INIT_LIST_HEAD(&mempool);   /* at runtime or ... */
LIST_HEAD(mempool);      /* at compile time */

Embedd struct list_head in list element:

struct mem_chunk {
       unsigned char *ptr;
       int len;
       struct list_head list;

add element:

struct mem_chunk mc;
mc.ptr = this;
mc.len = 128;

list_add(&mc.list, &mempool);

remove element:

struct list_head myelement = list_del(&;

find superstructure:

mc = list_entry(myelement, struct mem_chunk, list);


see kernel-api documentation and include/list.h

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