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Agenda for Training course Embedded GNU/Linux Systems Architecture

This 3-day training class uses hands-on exercises combined with instruction to illustrate the concepts of embedded GNU/Linux. It is designed to bring you quickly up to speed. We describe the philosophy, concepts and commands necessary to make effective use of GNU/Linux through a combination of theory and on-the-job training. Don't reinvent the wheel, but learn from our experience and take home a working knowledge of GNU/Linux and the ability to use it effectively in your own embedded development project.


Who should attend?

Those who are interested in or tasked with developing embedded GNU/Linux like software engineers, field engineers, (project) managers.

Course Outline

Day 1: Development Environment & Basic System Setup



Development Environment

Base System Assembly 1

Day 2: Root Filesystem & Application Development

Base System Assembly 2

Unix Philosophy & Linux Architecture

Application Development 1

Day 3: Debugging, Profiling, Realtime

Application Development 2