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TWiki Upgrade Notes for Version 01 May 2000

If you are coming from a version earlier than the 01 May 2000 production release, please see TWikiUpgradeTo01May2000 first. For the latest version read TWikiUpgradeGuide.

The 01 Dec 2000 release has these changes that affect the upgrade of the 01 May 2000 version:

This upgrade is somewhat more labor intensive, mainly caused by splitting up the TWiki.Main web. Please note that subsequent updates will be much easier because user related topics (in TWiki.Main web) and TWiki related documents (in TWiki.TWiki web) have been separated.

These are the steps you need to perform to upgrade the 01 May 2000 version to the 01 Dec 2000 release: [ We assume export TWIKIROOT=/some/dir/ ]

-- PeterThoeny - 08 Nov 2000