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Developed for the Homepage of Denx. Based on BlueSkin.

Setup DenxSkin

Do the following changes to your TWikiPreferences section:

Alter the WEBTOPICLIST to display correctly within DenxSkin environment

Set the WEBTOPICLIST variable to something like this ( or similar ). This will be rendered in the Navigation area of the page:

* Set WEBTOPICLIST = [[WebChanges][&amp;rsaquo; Changes]]\n[[WebIndex][&amp;rsaquo; Index]]\n[<nop>[<nop>WebSearch][&amp;rsaquo; Search]]=

Create a new Section DenxSkin under TWikiPreferences Skins

---+++ DenxSkin
   * DenxSkin translation
      * Set ACTIONTITLE = Actions:
      * Set TOPICLISTTITLE = Topics
      * Set NAVIGATIONTITLE = Navigation:
      * Set TRANSLATIONSTITLE = Translations:
      * Set WEBLISTTITLE = Sections of this site:
      * Set HOMELINKTEXT = %WEB% Home
      * Set SEARCHLINKTEXT = Search
      * Set LISTOFPAGESLINKTEXT = List of pages in %WEB%
      * Set SKIPTOCONTENT = Skip to main content.
      * Set CHANGESTABLESUM = Displays the changes to topics in this web in reverse chronological order. In the left column you find the name of the topic and the beginning of its content. The middle column shows the time of the change and the assigned revision number. The right column contains the name of the editor
   * Standard TWiki translations
      * Set ATT_TXT = Attach
      * Set RAW_TEXT_TXT = Raw
      * Set REF_BY_TXT = Ref-By
      * Set PRINT_TXT = Printable
      * Set MORE_TXT = More
      * Set VIEW_TXT = View
      * Set DIFFS_TXT = Diffs
      * Set COMMENT_TXT = Comment
      * Set EDIT_ID_TXT = Your signature for easy copy and paste (triple click to select)
      * Set LOCAL_FILE_TXT = Local file
      * Set LINK_TXT = Link
      * Set LINK_FILE_TOPIC_END_TXT = Create a link to the attached file at the end of the topic.
      * Set HIDE_FILE_TXT = Hide file
      * Set HIDE_ATT_INFO_TXT = Hide attachment in normal topic view.
      * Set NOTES_TXT = Notes
      * Set HELP_INFO_1_TXT = *Help:* Please see
      * Set HELP_INFO_2_TXT = for more information about attaching files
      * Set FILE_SIZE_INFO_1_TXT = *File size:* You can upload files up to
      * Set FILE_SIZE_INFO_2_TXT = KB in size
      * Set LINK_CHECKBOX_TXT = *Link checkbox:* If the attached file is a JPG, GIF or PNG image and you check the box, it will create an inline image (e.g. show the image) at the end of the topic.  For other file types a simple link will be created.
      * Set IE_ATT_BUG_TXT = *Bug:* Internet Explorer 4.0 or earlier: If you get an "Internal Server Error" message when you upload a file, you need to try again. It should work the second time.

Alter some settings in TWikiPreferences and TablePlugin to make DenxSkin look better

* Background color of non existing topic: ( default =cornsilk= or =#FFFFCE= )
   * Set NEWTOPICBGCOLOR = inherited
Set this to "inherited" to have a transparent background of the new topic.

* Font color of non existing topic: ( default =#0000FF= )
I choose red as a color for new topics.

* New Link Symbol
   * Set NEWTOPICLINKSYMBOL = <img src="/twiki/pub/TWiki/BlueSkin/tip.gif" border="0" width="16" height="16"/>
There is a small encircled star as a creation symbol for the new topic link. It is located in the pub directory.

* Set TABLEATTRIBUTES = tableborder="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2" headerbg="#8CAAE6" headercolor="003399" databg="#8CAAE6, #EEEEEE"
Set the default attributes for tables in the TablePlugin

Finally switch on the DenxSkin in TWikiPreferences and enjoy.

* Set SKIN = DenxSkin


Note: You do not need to install anything on the browser to use this skin. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the skin on the server where TWiki is running.

All you have to do is to unzip the archive in the installation folder of your Wiki installation. There is no worry about overwriting other template files, as all template files end in .DenxSkin.tmpl. DenxSkin is now packaged correctly but I suggest you first test the archive to check the content structure before unpacking in a productive system.

Skin Info

Description: Specialised skin based on BlueSkin
Base Name: DenxSkin
Skin Author: TWiki:Main/FrankLichtenheld
Skin Version: 18 Apr 2005 (v0.91)
Change History:  
18 Apr 2005: Second RC (v0.91) New header design; make default templates work in DenxPubSkin
11 Apr 2005: First RC (v0.90)
Skin Home:

Related topic: TWikiSkins

-- TWiki:Main/FrankLichtenheld - 11 Apr 2005