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9. Boot Loader

If you're using custom hardware, or want to replace the ROM monitor on your board, you'll need a boot loader that knows how to decompress and transfer control to the kernel. The current trend is to include this functionality in the ROMMontior?, as is the case with ppcboot.

Although some of the data is board specific, you can assemble the bits from information available on the net:

9.1. bugboot

For PreP? and PowerPlus? SBC's, see:

9.2. mbxboot

The old bootloader included in the kernel source tree, originally written for the MotorolaMBX board, and since ported to a wide range of platforms. This is the start-up component of the zImage that knows how to decompress the kernel. mbxboot is now being rendered obsolete by ppcboot.

8. ROM Monitor 1. Introduction 10. Kernel
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