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The DENX U-Boot and Linux Guide (DULG)

Welcome to the home of DENX.DULG.

This is the home of the documentation for Das U-Boot (the Universal Bootloader) and Embedded Linux in the form of an editable Wiki.

Main Linear documentation (converted on a regular basis to printable single files)

Board Specific Versions of the DULG:

Arches (AppliedMicro) QONG (Dave/DENX)
Canyonlands (AppliedMicro) Rainier (AppliedMicro)
Ebony (AppliedMicro) Sequoia (AppliedMicro)
enbw_cmc (EnBW) Socrates (MSC)
Glacier (AppliedMicro) Taishan (AppliedMicro)
Haleakala (AppliedMicro) TQM5200 (TQ Components)
Inca-IP (Infineon) TQM8540 (TQ Components)
Katmai (AppliedMicro) TQM8541 (TQ Components)
Kilauea (AppliedMicro) TQM8548 (TQ Components)
M28EVK (DENX) TQM8555 (TQ Components)
MGCOGE (Keymile) TQM8560 (TQ Components)
MGSUVD (Keymile) Walnut (AppliedMicro)

Extra documentation not included in the printable versions

(Unmaintained) Versions of the DULG for Unmaintained Boards:

Bamboo (AMCC) TQM8272 (TQ Components)
Bubinga (AMCC) TQM834x (TQ Components)
Luan (AMCC) TQM885D (TQ Components)
Lwmon5 (Liebherr) TQM8xxL (TQ Components)
MotionPRO (Promess) V38B (Marel)
Ocotea (AMCC) Yellowstone (AMCC)
PM520 (Microsys) Yosemite (AMCC)
Sycamore (AMCC) Yucca (AMCC)

Topics not (yet) in the main documentation

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As this is a Wiki, you can of course edit everything immediately, but before you do so please be sure to be familiar with the TWiki Users Guide and with the DULG Web Layout. The latter documents the concepts and guidelines used to organize this Wiki.