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Viewing the DULG documentation

As described in the more detailed DULG Web Layout document, the DULG web has a view associated with it at any time corresponding to the board for which the documents are adapted. If your browser does not accept cookies from the site you will be stuck with the standard board. If your browser does accept cookies, you can select a new board through the BoardSelect page.

The current view entails a WebOrder defining a linear order for the topics relevant for the current view. If for any reason you view a topic not contained in the current WebOrder, say you view the topic DULG.UBootInstallUsingFirmware while your current view corresponds to a board not having such an install procedure, you will see messages like this:

Topic DULG.UBootInstallUsingFirmware not in WebOrder

This is no error but simply a warning that the topic you are viewing is not relevant for the currently selected view.

-- DetlevZundel - 05 Aug 2003