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5.3. Configuration

After changing to the directory with the U-Boot source code you should make sure that there are no build results from any previous configurations left:

$ make distclean

The following (model) command configures U-Boot for the canyonlands board:

$ make canyonlands_config

And finally we can compile the tools and U-Boot itself:

$ make all

By default the build is performed locally and the objects are saved in the source directory. One of the two methods can be used to change this behaviour and build U-Boot to some external directory:

1. Add O= to the make command line invocations:

make O=/tmp/build distclean
make O=/tmp/build canyonlands_config
make O=/tmp/build all

Note that if the 'O=output/dir' option is used then it must be used for all invocations of make.

2. Set environment variable BUILD_DIR to point to the desired location:

export BUILD_DIR=/tmp/build
make distclean
make canyonlands_config
make all

Note that the command line "O=" setting overrides the BUILD_DIR environment variable.

5.2. Unpacking the Source Code 1. Abstract 5.4. Installation
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