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14.3.17. Linux Kernel crashes when using a ramdisk image

I have a Power Architecture board with 1 GiB of RAM (or more). It works fine with root file system over NFS, but it will crash when I try to use a ramdisk.

Check where your ramdisk image gets loaded to. In the standard configuration, the Linux kernel can access only 768 MiB of RAM, so your ramdisk image must be loaded below this limit. Check your boot messages. You are hit by this problem when U-Boot reports something like this:
Loading Ramdisk to 3fdab000, end 3ff2ff9d ... OK
and then Linux shows a message like this:
mem_pieces_remove: [3fdab000,3ff2ff9d) not in any region
To fix, just tell U-Boot to load the ramdisk image below the 768 MB limit:
=> setenv initrd_high 30000000
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