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Organization of the FAQ and Glossary Sections

The FAQ Section

As the FAQ section is to appear in the linear documentation, the DULG web relies on the TocPlugin plugin to index the questions rather than a separate index topic. It is therefore neccessary to create a new topic containing the new Q&A set first and linking it into the main documentation through the WebOrder topic.

The steps neccessary to add a new Q&A set are therefore:

  1. Create a new topic with the Q&A content. This can be done for example by simply entering the new topic name in the Go header input field and clicking on the Create link in the "Topic not found" page.
    Remember that the TocPlugin is used to index the pages so rather than using the TWiki header notation (---+) the %SECTION% tags have to be used (see also DULGUsageOfTocPlugin).
  2. Edit the WebOrder topic and include the new topic in the vicinity of the already present FAQ entries. Note that the FAQs are classified right now by their relevance into these sub-topics:
    1. U-Boot
    2. Linux
    3. SELF
    4. BDI2000

IDEA! Choose a representative name for the topic so it will be easy to find it through the TWiki search facilities, the topic name EthernetProblemsOnTQM8xxL is a good example.

The Glossary Section

It is very much likely, that the DULG web will contain more "lateral" links than what should go into the printed linear documentation, so adding a new Glossary item is a manual process. If you want a new definition to appear in it, make sure that the definition resides in its own topic and that it is formatted like the other entries (you'll see differences soon enough when the topic is linked from the Glossary and when you view the result). Adding an appropriate %INCLUDE% tag at the correct position in the Glossary topic takes care of inclusion in the linear documentation.

To summarize:

  1. Create a new topic (or reformat the existing to-be-in-glossary topic) according to the other entries there.
  2. Add an appropriate %INCLUDE% directive at the correct place in the Glossary.

-- DetlevZundel - 07 Aug 2003