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Anonymous CVS access for DENX Source Code

ALERT! Note: The old CVS repositories are not available anymore. However, we offer emulated CVS access to our git repositories for people who want or need to access our code with a CVS client.

Please use the git repositories directly if at all possible.

We use git-cvsserver to offer you emulated CVS access. This is not an 1:1 emulation though, so please read the following instructions carefully to understand the changes in semantics.

Note: The cvsweb web interface (at doesn't exist anymore. Please use the gitweb interface at

Differences in semantics between cvs and git-cvsserver


Use the following command to checkout a git repository via CVS:

cvs -z0 -d co -P branch
(Where branch is usually master)

(For comparison the previous checkout command for the CVS repository:

cvs -z6 -d co -P module

If you have a CVS client that still needs a login even for repositories that have no password (most clients should handle that transparently by now), you will need to do the following step first:

cvs -d login

When prompted for the "CVS password:" just press the return key (empty password). Note that you will need to do that for each module you want to check out.

Repositories available for anonymous CVS

Repository CVSROOT Description
eldk_build Build Tools for Embedded Linux Development Kit
eldk_tarballs Source Tarballs for Embedded Linux Development Kit
linuxppc_2_4_devel Linux 2.4.x Kernel Sources for PowerPC, Development Tree (includes support for MGT5100/MPC5200 Processors)
linuxarm Linux 2.4.x Kernel Sources for ARM
linux-mips Linux 2.4.x Kernel Sources for MIPS
mini_fo Overlay Filesystem "mini_fo"
u-boot Universal Boot-Loader "Das U-Boot"

(All our other git repositories are also available, but only the listed ones had predecessors in CVS)