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DENX Software Engineering Press Release "ELDK 3.1 released"


Groebenzell, Germany

DENX Software Engineering announce the immediate availability of Version 3.1 of the free Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK Release 3.1).

The DENX Embedded Linux Development Kit provides a complete and powerful software development environment for Embedded and Real-Time Systems:

All components of the ELDK are available for free with complete source code under GPL or other Free Software licenses.

New in ELDK Release 3.1:

ELDK 3.1 is available through mirrors (check or on CD-ROM for a nominal charge of 99 EURO.

What's Special About the ELDK?

The ELDK is available for free: You can download it for free on the internet. Even if you buy the CDROM the price is fair.

Full source code is provided: The complete source code of the ELDK including all build tools, installation utilities etc. is available for free.

Installation and use of the ELDK does not require super-user privileges: every user can install the ELDK without having to ask a system administrator for help.

The ELDK is self-contained: everything installs into a single directory; no files get installed or modified in the host file system tree outside this directory.

Multiple installations can co-exist: It is possible to install several independent instances of the ELDK on the same host system (for example, different releases).

The ELDK is multi-platform: several versions of the ELDK for different target architectures (PowerPC, ARM or MIPS) can be installed in the same directory.

Auto-selection of header files and Libraries: the ELDK makes it easy to build target software or to use existing Makefiles; the tools will make sure that the correct versions of target header files and system libraries will get selected automatically.

About DENX Software Engineering

DENX Software Engineering provides software engineering services for Embedded and Real-Time Systems. Specializing on Free Software from the beginning, the company has proven expertise with Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and other environments. DENX ports firmware and operating systems to custom hardware and writes device drivers. By developing, tailoring and installing the base software for embedded systems, DENX allows customers to put more resources into application development. We also provide training for engineers on developing software for Embedded Linux systems. Additional information about DENX Software Engineering is available at our web site at


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