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Old news items from 2004

Embedded World in Nuremberg

Tue Dec 20 2004 Embedded World 2005

Nuremberg, Germany, Feb 22 - 24, 2005

Please contact for a free ticket.

ELDK 3.1 Released:

Thu Nov 11 2004

DENX has released a new version of the Embedded Linux Development Kit, ELDK release 3.1.

Please see our Press Release ELDK 3.1

DENX Software Engineering moved to new office:

Thu Oct 14 09:45:57 MEST 2004

Our business is growing, so DENX is reorganizing: We moved into a new office. Our new address is:

MPC5200 News:

Wed Sep 29 2004

The linuxppc_2_4_devel Linux kernel source tree on our CVS server was updated to include the latest version of the BestComm microcode for the MPC5200 processor.

This new version 2.1 of the BestComm code fixes especially the problems that prevented the use of DMA for IDE drives (hard disks).

Mirror Sites for ELDK (Embedded Linux Development Kit):

Sun Jul 18 2004

As the demand for the DENX Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) continues to grow we have found a couple of mirror sites to allow for easier access and faster downloads. The following sites agreed to host a mirror of the ELDK (thanks to all of them!):


NEW Graphics Drivers for Coral-P:

Wed Jun 16 2004

DENX has released source code and patches for X11 graphics drivers for the Fujitsu "Coral-P" graphics card for big-endian Linux systems (like PowerPC). The code is available as Free Software under GPL.

This NEW RELEASE also suports the acceleration and video features of the Coral-P controller. A demo application for streaming video is also provided.

The code was especially developed for and tested on a Motorola LITE5200 board featuring the MPC5200 processor, running a standard Debian installation including KDE etc.

Please see the included README for instructions. A tutorial how to install Debian on a MPC5200 system is available in the DULG (DebianOnPowerpcInstallationHowto).

Source Code: FTP download here

Overlay Filesystem "mini_fo" for Embedded Systems Released

Wed Mar 31 2004

DENX has released a beta version of the "mini_fo" overlay filesystem. This filesystem is similar to the FreeBSD union filesystem and serves to virtually make a read-only device writable. Main focus is to overlay the root filesystem of embedded systems in order to easily be able to apply software updates. A detailed paper on the design of "mini_fo" filesystem is available here, the sources are available as module "mini_fo" from our CVS server.

Source Code: FTP download here

PEAK CAN (PCAN) Driver for the MSCAN on MPC5200 Processors

Tue Jan 20 21:11:36 MET 2004

DENX provides a port of the PEAK CAN Linux driver (see for the MSCAN controller of the MPC5200 processors. Please see the README.peak-mpc5200 file on our FTP server

Source Code: FTP download here