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Solutions offered by DENX Software Engineering:

DENX Software Engineering is your competent partner through all steps of developing software for an embedded systems project:

Cross Development Tools and Target File System

The DENX Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) provides a complete and powerful software development environment for embedded and real-time systems. It is available for ARM, PowerPC and MIPS processors and consists of:

All components of the ELDK are available for free with complete source code under GPL and other Free Software Licenses. Also, detailed instructions to rebuild all the tools and packages from scratch are included.

The ELDK can be downloaded for free from our server (FTP: , HTTP: as well as several mirror sites or ordered on CD-ROM for a nominal charge (99 Euro). To order the CD please contact

Detailed information about the ELDK is available here.

Boot Loader for Embedded Systems

You will need some boot loader before you can run Linux on an Embedded System. That's what DENX provides - Open Source, of course. Our boot loader "Das U-Boot" is running on more than 500 ARM, AVR32, Blackfin, ColdFire, Microblaze, MIPS, PowerPC, SH, x86, ... boards, including most well-known evaluation boards.

You can find the U-Boot project page at The git repository with the sources is here.

You can also download tarballs with the latest released versions from our FTP server - see directory

Our excellent know-how of U-Boot and extensive experience from porting U-Boot to many, many evaluation boards and custom systems puts DENX in an unrivaled position whenever you need help with U-Boot, for example to get it ported to your hardware.

Embedded Linux Operating System

DENX helps you to get Linux running on your hardware. We port Linux to your boards, develop device drivers and other low-level or hardware-related software components according to your specifications.

We try to push the results of our work upstream, so it becomes available in the standard "" Linux kernel tree. In addition, our development repository is publicly available here.

Xenomai Real-Time Framework for Linux

For projects requiring support for hard real-time behaviour and/or emulation of other RTOS (like Vxworks or pSOS) DENX prefers and recommends to use the Xenomai Real-Time Framework for Linux.

As a founding member of the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) DENX supports Xenomai as one implementation of the OSADL-featured hard real-time capable, POSIX standard conforming Linux kernel.

On our Xenomai Projects page you can find a list of Xenomai features and extensions that were developed or driven by DENX.

On September 28, 2009, the Xenomai core development team met with their users at the first "Xenomai User Meeting" (XUM-2009). Abstracts and PDF copies of the presentations are available here.

The list of users and use cases presented at XUM-2009 gives also some reference for what can be done with Xenomai, and which sort of companies are relying on this technology.

Graphics Support for Embedded Systems

DENX has in-depth know-how in the development and deployment of graphics drivers and toolkits for embedded systems. We developed and support graphics drivers for U-Boot and Linux for several popular graphics processing units, including for example the Fujitsu MB862xx controller family (like Mint, Lime, Coral, Carmine, etc.).

We develop drivers for DirectFB, KDrive, Qt etc.

See for example the application note Qt for embedded Linux 4.5.2 on MPC5200 based board with Coral-P(A) GDC .

Other Cool Stuff

Over time DENX has developed other interesting pieces of software which we are happy to host in our git repositories.

Next to a root file system builder not yet part of, but designed for our ELDK, there is also our DUTS (DENX Universal Test System) which is tightly coupled to the DULG documentation mentioned below.

Whoever has seen us in person on trade shows in Europe has very likely seen our external interrupt latency benchmark. The sources are just as readily available as a pretty complete PTP Device (PIMA 15740) implementation for GNU/Linux systems.

Documentation, Questions & Answers for U-Boot and Embedded Linux

DENX maintains extensive documentation covering all topics needed to get an Embedded Linux project started, like setup and configuration of the development host, installation of the ELDK, configuration, installation and use of the U-Boot boot loader and the Linux operating system. This also includes advanced topics like options for root file systems, etc.

A collection of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers!) about U-Boot, Embedded Linux, and similar topics can also be found there.

Consulting and Support

DENX provides Consulting and Support Contracts that allow you to get professional help in your projects whenever you need it.


DENX offers Maintenance Contracts that guarantee you your hardware will keep working with recent versions of U-Boot, Linux and xenomai, so you can update your code whenever you want or have to.

Security Updates

We also offer contracts for Security Updates. With such a contract, DENX will continuously monitor and evaluate the respective Security Advisories and check these for relevance for your systems. We then provide updates or fixes that are relevant for system security issues.

Evaluation Kits, Boards and Debuggers

Our partner company DENX Computer Systems GmbH provides a wide range of hardware solutions like evaluation kits, modules and boards, debuggers, BDJ/JTAG debuggers etc.