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NEW i.MX51EVK: evaluation board for i.MX51

Wed Nov 04 2009


The MCIMX51EVK featuring the new i.MX51 Cortex A8 CPU by Freescale Semiconductor is optionally available with an extension add-on board and a LCD add-on board. More information is available on the product page

NEW LIZARD high performance and small footprint

Mon Nov 02 2009


LIZARD, based on the new application processor AM3505/AM3517 of Texas Instruments, offers highest flexibility thanks to the complete interfaces set and the compact form factor. Designed for use in the industrial market LIZARD offers futhermore an extended operating temperature range from -40 to +85°C and a huge set of interfaces. More information is available on our product page

MTCA conference in Munich

Fri Oct 23 2009


Visit DENX Computer Systems at the MTCA conference in Munich !! Originally conceived for telecoms, MicroTCA® technology is beginning to be utilized by a wider range of applications especially in the market segments industrial, medical, transportation. Therefore this year's MicroTCA® Conference will take place on November 3rd, 2009, in the NH-Hotel, Munich Dornach.

More information on the MTCACON is available under

Xenomai User Meeting 2009 follow-up

Fri Oct 02 2009

On September 28, 2009, the Xenomai core development team met with their users at the first "Xenomai User Meeting" (XUM-2009). Abstracts and PDF copies of the presentations are available here.

The list of users and use cases presented at XUM-2009 gives also some reference for what can be done with Xenomai, and which sort of companies are relying on this technology.

Xenomai User Meeting 2009

Tue Aug 04 2009

DENX Software Engineering, founding member of the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL), hereby invites you to attend the Xenomai User Meeting 2009 (XUM-2009) which takes place under the umbrella of the Eleventh Real Time Linux Workshop 2009 (RTLWS11) in Dresden, Germany, and is organzied by DENX Software Engineering in close collaboration with the OSADL who is also organizing the RTLWS11. XUM-2009 will be held outside and in addition to the RTLWS11's scientific program.

The Xenomai User Meeting brings together users (including potential ones) and members of the core development team of the Xenomai Real-Time Framework for Linux.

The presentations and networking opportunities combined with the chance to meet well-known Xenomai experts face to face make for an excellent chance to learn about the latest use cases, development projects, problems and solutions and of course about future trends.

XUM-2009 is scheduled on Monday, September 28, 13:00 - 18:00 at Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science, Dresden, Germany. For details and registration please see our website.

See also article Real-time technology gains user conference at .

We are looking forward to welcoming your participation in the Xenomai User Meeting 2009.

Updated Hardware Web

Thu Jul 30 2009
The latest update of the DENX Hardware Web includes certain useful product offerings like the Beagle Board, the i.MX35 Product Development Kit, the MPC8360E Rapid Development Kit or the P2020 Rapid Development Board. More details are available here.

Small Form Factor Boards Conference

Fri Jul 15 2009


Visit DENX Computer Systems at the Small Form Factors Board (SFFB) Conference on July 23 in Munich (NH Hotel Dornach).

Learn more about the latest trends with SFF Boards at the technical Conference on July 23 in Munich/Germany, which is organised by ICC Media in close co-operation with the Intel ECA (Embedded and Communications Alliance). More information on the SFFB is available under

"TX25" SO-DIMM embedded module based on i.MX257

Fri Jun 19 2009


The TX25 is the knock-down price SO-DIMM ARM9 solution based on the brand new i.MX257 CPU by Freescale. TX modules are complete computers, implemented on a board smaller than a credit card, and ready to be designed into your embedded system. More information on TX25 is available on the product page.

The First Ten Years

Thu May 28 2009

On 1 July 2009, DENX Software Engineering celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Founded a decade ago, DENX were one of the very first companies in Europe who focussed on using Free Software for Embedded and Real-Time Systems.

At that time, putting Linux into a real system like a DVR or a mobile crane was a real adventure - sometimes it took more convincing on both engineering and management levels than actual software development efforts. Today Embedded Linux has become a matter of course. DENX are proud to have been part of that development right from the beginning - going where there was no path and helping to pave a trail.

Looking back at 10 interesting and successful years, we see a sound base for continued growth and continued success, for interesting new projects - with even bigger challenges waiting for us in the decades to come.

Thanks a lot to everybody who escorted DENX on that way - customers, partners, engineers and everybody who helped that DENX became what we are today. And of course thanks a lot to the Free Software community that made all this possible in the first place.

"ARIA" COM Express embedded solution based on MPC5121

Fri Feb 20 2009

ARIA, the first COM Express embedded solution based on the MPC5121 will be introduced by DENX Computer Systems on the [[][Embedded World]] trade fair, Nuremberg, March 03-05 2009. To offer the maximum flexibility in each design, ARIA combines the MPC5121e with a powerful FPGA, which optionally offers flexible I/O-expansion as well as complete IP-cores for additonal customized interfaces. More information on ARIA is available in our product page?

Xenomai Real-Time Support for MPC5121 (ADS5121) and i.MX31 (Qong)

Tue Feb 17 2009

DENX Software Engineering proudly presents Xenomai based RTOS emulation and real-time support for the popular Freescale MPC5121 Power Architecture® and i.MX31 ARM11 processors. All needed code has been integrated into the official Xenomai distribution and is available from the Xenomai Download Area. Benchmark results for example for the i.MX31 based QONG EVB-Lite board are available here.