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Old news items from 2003

Validated Release of RTAI 24.1.12 for PowerPC

Tue Oct 28 2003

At you can find a validated release, patches and add-ons for the current version (24.1.12) of the Real-Time Linux extension RTAI (Real-Time Application Interface) for DENX Linux kernels (linux-2.4 and linuxppc_2_4_devel) which include support for a wide range of PowerPC processors and boards.

This also includes support for the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) and preliminary patches for the MPC5200 Linux kernel tree (linuxppc_2_4_devel).

"Validated release": After Paolo Mantegazza has released a new version of RTAI, we test it on various PowerPC boards (at least 4xx, 750, 8xx, 8240 and 8260). Last minute corrections and adjustments are then included in a Validated Release e.g. rtai-24.1.12-denx.tar.bz2. These corrections are then integrated into the RTAI CVS repository. A diff file against the original release is also provided.

Support for Motorola MGT5100 / MPC5200 PowerPC Processors

Wed Sep 10 01:00:00 MEST 2003

On our CVS server we now provide a release of Linux (kernel version 2.4.23-pre5) which supports the Motorola MGT5100 / MPC5200 PowerPC Processors. Standard configurations for the Motorola development boards are available, too.

The MGT5100 / MPC5200 processors are also fully supported by the U-Boot Open Source firmware project.

Documentation für U-Boot and Linux

Mon Sep 01 00:00:00 MET 2003

We provide a new, updated version of our documentation ( DULG = DENX U-Boot and Linux Guide ).

One of the main new features is that this documentation is not a static document, but uses a Wiki, an interactively editable Web-based collaboration platform. You are invited to contribute!

The Benefits of Open-Source Software

June 2003

A presentation about DENX with the title "The Benefits of Open-Source Software" appeared in the June/July 2003 volume of the Economy Tribune.

ELDK Release 2.1 now available

Tue Apr 08 12:00:00 MET 2003

DENX has released a new version of the free Embedded Linux Development Kit (Release 2.1).

ELDK 2.1 features new versions of some tools and a lot of bug fixes. It also includes support for MIPS processors.

ELDK 2.1 is available immediately on the FTP Server and on CDROM. For details please see the ELDK documentation.

The SPIF Robot

Fri Feb 7 21:13:59 MET 2003

The SPIF robot is an impressive demonstration of what can be done with DENX Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) and Embedded Linux running on the TQM8xxL PowerPC modules distributed by DENX:

SPIF-small.jpg [click to enlarge]

More images of the robot are available.

Thanks to for permission to quote the images and technical information.